Wind Tunnel

Current Wind Tunnel Design

The wind tunnel seen in the O’week photo graph above was designed as an interesting project for students and a visual aid to be used while recruiting.

The wind tunnel has hosted a 3D printed model of the Falcon Heavy during the 2018 O’week held on the 19th of February to mark the Falcon Heavy’s maiden launch on February 6th 2018.

Wind Tunnel Upgrade

The existing structure is currently being deconstructed and reworked into a new structure to provide:

  • A workable system to use a smoke machine to allow for visible air flow around featured objects.
  • Create convergence/divergence sections to increase speed of the air flow.
  • Decrease the length of the visible section and overall structure.

The upgraded wind tunnel will be created using CAD and various simulations performed to create interesting and technical visuals for prospective members.