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The Rocketry Competition

The Australian Universities Rocketry Competition was founded in 2018 by the Australian Youth Aerospace Association. The AURC has the aim to provide graduate engineers and scientists with the skills required for the growing aerospace industry in Australia. It also aims to provide a practical competition for Australian students passionate about rocketry.

The rocket can be entered into one of two categories; 10,000ft (3km) or 30,000ft (9km). A off-the-shelf Solid Fuel Motor must be used, in the future a Hybrid or Liquid fuel motor can be used.

Launch Location: Rocketry Down-Under 2019 outside Brisbane, QLD.
*Future launches will be done in South Australia at Woomera.

Teams entered:

University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, University of NSW, University of SA, Adelaide University, Monash, Curtin, New Zealand University of Canterbury and more.

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